Monday, August 25, 2014

LUCY makes no. 1 debut

25 Aug 2014

Singapore - Luc Besson's LUCY starring Scarlett Johansson debuts at no. 1 with US$1,455,514 from 66 screens (including IMAX) for an amazing US$22,053 screen average. It's the 16th film to debut above US$1m this year; the 2nd highest amongst films that are not a sequel or a reboot; and is one of seven films to manage a screen average above US$20K (it ranks 6th on this list, and is the only one that's not a sequel or reboot).

Also making its debut is the Chinese martial arts pic THE FOUR 3 四大名捕大结局 (US$121,704 / 11 screens). The original flick THE FOUR 四大名捕 opened with US$207,004 on 23 screens on its way to a US$424,428 finish in 2012; while the sequel THE FOUR 2 四大名捕 II screened earlier this year with a US$134,132 start on 9 screens and a US$220,402 cume.

Monday, August 18, 2014


18 Aug 2014

Singapore - The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES hold on to the no. 1 spot for a 2nd weekend as it picks up another US$678,355 for a US$2,532,988 total to date.

THE EXPENDABLES 3 is the week's highest debut with US$634,544 from 42 screens and a US$15,108 screen average. Throw in sneaks and it has collected US$778,265 to date. In comparison, the original action stars ensemble flick opened in 2010 with US$612,711 from 29 screens for a stronger US$21,128 screen average; while the sequel in 2012 began with US$982,183 and a more muscular US$25,847 screen average from 38 screens.

Monday, August 11, 2014


11 Aug 2014

Singapore - The rebooted TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES from producer Michael Bay debuts at no. 1 this weekend with US$1,395,761 from 77 screens (including 3D) with a mighty US$18,127 screen average. Throw in sneaks and its total stands at US$1,449,438. It's the 15th film to debut above US$1m this year and its screen average is slightly ahead of last weekend's chart topper, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

GUARDIANS slip into the runner up spot and picks up another US$1,098,943. It's only the 4th film to gross more than US$1m over two weekends in 2014. Its total gross is now US$3,305,650 and it's the 10th film to cross US$3m this year.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


4 Aug 2014

Singapore - Marvel Studios score their second no. 1 of the year as GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY debuts at the top with US$1,785,046 from 101 screens (including 3D and IMAX 3D) for a strong US$17,674 screen average. It's the 7th highest debut of the year and the highest for a film that's not a sequel or a reboot of an existing franchise. It's also the 14th film to debut above US$1m this year.

Other entrants include the airline horror mystery thriller 7500 (US$142,980; US$250,696 including sneaks / 13 screens), THE WHITE HAIRED WITCH OF LUNAR KINGDOM 白发魔女专之明月天国 starring Fan Bingbing (US$107,291 / 19 screens); Korean erotic drama OBSESSED starring Song Seung-Heon (US$45,670 / 5 screens); Thai horror HONG HOON (US$17,123 / 10 screens) and Rob Reiner's comedy drama romance AND SO IT GOES (US$11,280 / 3 screens).