Monday, August 29, 2016

No stopping the TRAIN TO BUSAN at #1

by Lau Chee Nien / 29 Aug 2016

Singapore - There's no stopping TRAIN TO BUSAN (NC16), which spends its fourth weekend at no. 1. It only reached the pinnacle position last weekend. It's cume now stands at US$2.79m (S$3.8m).

From available data published by Box Office Mojo, only two other films have spent their fourth weekend at no. 1: AVATAR (PG) dominated the final two weekends of 2009 and the first two weekends of 2010; while AH BOYS TO MEN 2 新兵正传 II (PG13) did the same back in early 2013. Both films spent a total of 4 weekends at no. 1.

TRAIN TO BUSAN's feat is also remarkable considering it's a rating restricted movie.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

SHIN GODZILLA stomps into theatres!

by Lau Chee Nien / 25 Aug 2016

Singapore - SHIN GODZILLA (PG) stomps into cinemas aiming for the no. 1 spot. It'll be the first Japanese film to be screened in IMAX.

Also crashing into theatres this weekend: DON'T BREATH (NC16), ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS: THE MOVIE (NC16), TIME RAIDERS 盗墓笔记 (PG13) and ONE PIECE FILM GOLD (PG).

New releases on limited screens include HANDS OF STONE (R21), THE INFILTRATOR (M18) and GENIUS (PG). Local independent film 1400 (M18) plays for 3 sessions at Filmgarde Bugis+ from 26 through 28 Aug.

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS (PG) will also sneak with 3D options available over the weekend.

Monday, August 22, 2016

TRAIN TO BUSAN calls in at no. 1 stop in 3rd Week!

by Lau Chee Nien / 22 Aug 2016

Singapore - In a rare move, TRAIN TO BUSAN (NC16) ascends to the top spot in its third weekend. It grossed a further US$495,127 (S$668,000). The zombie flick has now grossed an estimated US$2.18m (S$2.94m).

Former champion SUICIDE SQUAD (PG13) slides down to second place. Harley Quinn and gang has amassed a loot of US$4.11m (S$5.54m) to date.

BEN-HUR (PG13) is the highest debut at no. 3 with an estimated US$274,247 (S$370,000) from a probable 43 screens. The big budget remake is also playing in IMAX 3D.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

BEN-HUR aims to win box office race

by Lau Chee Nien / 18 Aug 2016

Singapore - SUICIDE SQUAD (PG13) and TRAIN TO BUSAN (NC16) will try to prevent a takeover from newcomers BEN-HUR (PG13) (also available in IMAX 3D), THE BFG (PG), CALL OF HEROES 危城 (NC16) and LIGHTS OUT (NC16).

Other debuts include INDIGNATION (NC16) and KAMPAI! FOR THE LOVE OF SAKE (PG).

Monday, August 15, 2016

SQUAD and TRAIN fend off newcomers

by Lau Chee Nien / 15 Aug 2016

Singapore - SUICIDE SQUAD (PG13) and TRAIN TO BUSAN (NC16) command the top two spots for a second weekend.

TRAIN TO BUSAN (NC16) is notable for achieving the rare feat of making more money in its second weekend. Its estimated US$622,214 ($836,000) collection is about 36% more than the previous weekend's takings of US$453,000 (S$611,000).

Hong Kong flick LINE WALKER 使徒行者 (PG13) is the top debut while other new releases include THE SHALLOWS (PG13), NERVE (PG13), KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV (PG13) and THOMAS & FRIENDS: THE GREAT RACE (G).

Thursday, August 11, 2016

New films unlikely to dethrone SUICIDE SQUAD and TRAIN TO BUSAN

by Lau Chee Nien / 11 Aug 2016

Singapore - THE SHALLOWS (PG13) and NERVE (PG13) are the two widest new releases this week, followed by LINE WALKER 使徒行者 (PG13), KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV (PG13) and THOMAS & FRIENDS: THE GREAT RACE (G).

Last weekend's box office champions SUICIDE SQUAD (PG13) and TRAIN TO BUSAN (NC16) are likely to continue to their command of the box office.

Monday, August 8, 2016

SUICIDE SQUAD steals box office crown

by Lau Chee Nien / 8 Aug 2016

Singapore - SUICIDE SQUAD (PG13) commands the no. 1 spot with premium options including 3D and IMAX 3D. First weekend sales add up to US$1.9m.

Opening strong in second place and on track to become the highest grossing Korean film in Singapore of all time, is TRAIN TO BUSAN (NC16), with runaway sales totalling US$453,000.

Last weekend's box office champ JASON BOURNE drops to third place and has grossed US$1,666,531 to date.  LEAGUE OF GODS 封神传奇 (PG)'s two week tally comes in at an estimated US$445K (S$600K).

Thursday, August 4, 2016

SUICIDE SQUAD launches this week

by Lau Chee Nien / 4 Aug 2016

Singapore - SUICIDE SQUAD (PG13) launches this week with premium options including 3D and IMAX 3D.

TRAIN TO BUSAN (NC16), GIRL OF THE BIG HOUSE 宝贝当家 (PG), ROBINSON CRUSOE (PG), ERASED (PG) are the other new releases, and also NINE LIVES (PG) which opens on Friday (with sneaks on Thursday).

The National Day holiday falls on the upcoming Tuesday, with NERVE (PG13) and THE SHALLOWS (PG13) sneaking from Monday through Wednesday.

Monday, August 1, 2016

JASON BOURNE returns at no. 1

by Lau Chee Nien / 1 Aug 2016

Singapore - JASON BOURNE (PG13) hits the no. 1 spot with US$1,050,134 from 65 screens. China's star-studded special effects extravaganza LEAGUE OF GODS 封神传奇 (PG) lands in the runner-up spot with an estimated US$290,568 (S$390K).

Last weekend's box office champion STAR TREK BEYOND drops to third place. with another US$257,389 in sales. Total gross to date stands at US$1,098,065.

Two other releases debut in the top ten - BAD MOMS (M18) and the premium priced concert film, BIG BANG MADE: THE MOVIE (PG13).