Thursday, August 31, 2017

CARS 3 leads trio of wide releases

by Lau Chee Nien / 31 Aug 2017

Singapore - CARS 3 (PG), AMERICAN MADE (M18) and THE ADVENTURERS 侠盗联盟 (PG) open wide this week. CARS 3 is also available in 3D and AMERICAN MADE on IMAX.

Other new releases include THE TAG-ALONG 2 红衣小女孩 2 (NC16) (estimated 14 locations), THE SON OF BIGFOOT (PG) (13 locations), TULIP FEVER (M18) (8 locations) and THE MIMIC (PG13) (7 locations).

Specialty releases with limited sessions include Marvels' INHUMANS (PG) on 3 IMAX screens, THOMAS & FRIENDS: JOURNEY BEYOND SODOR (G) (7 GV screens), THE IRREGULAR AT MAGIC HIGH SCHOOL THE MOVIE: THE GIRL WHO SUMMONS THE STARS (NC16) (3 GV screens) and ONE HEART - THE AR RAHMAN CONCERT FILM (PG) at GV Suntec and Carnival Cinemas.

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