Monday, October 27, 2014

FURY and OUIJA lead box office

27 Oct 2014

Singapore - FURY leads a pack of new flicks and storms the no. 1 spot with US$535,614 from 48 screens (including IMAX) for a low US$11,159 screen average. Throw in sneaks and the Brad Pitt war pic has grossed US$809,101 to date.

Fright film OUIJA takes the runner-up spot as it starts with US$239,944 from 14 screens for the week's highest screen average of US$17,139. Total with sneaks is US$267,543.

The Keanu Reeves headlined JOHN WICK collects a US$231,890 paycheck from 27 screens for a so-so US$8,589 screen average. Also new is comedy LET'S BE COPS with US$250,197 from 20 screens (including sneaks); while Hong Kong horror comedy SIFU VS. VAMPIRE 天师斗僵尸 scares up US$106,827 from 12 screens for a good US$8,902 average.

Monday, October 20, 2014

GONE GIRL surfaces at No. 1

20 Sep 2014

Singapore - With no strong debuts, GONE GIRL ascends to the top of the box office during its second weekend with just US$277,225 for a final cume of US$755,714. It's one of those rare times when a non-no. 1 debut film gets replaced by another of the same. Last weekend's box office champion, ANNABELLE drops to no. 4 with a cume of US$2,109,372 to date.

GONE GIRL holds up strongly in its second weekend, dipping a slim 11.3% and rises up to become the top average earner with US$11,551 per screen. However, it's the lowest grossing no. 1 film of the year, but the first R21 rated film to reach the top since Box Office Mojo started publishing figures in 2007.

The highest debut is THE JUDGE starring Robert Downey Jr., which clocks in at no. 3 with US$212,826 from 33 screens.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Twin Horrors Maintain Grip on Box Office Pinnacle

13 Oct 2014

Singapore - Last weekend's top two films swap positions as ANNABELLE takes the lead while DRACULA UNTOLD slips into the runner-up spot. ANNABELLE beats DRACULA to the podium by a slim US$4,898. The Conjuring prequel has grossed US$1,764,102 to date and is also narrowly ahead of The Conjuring which had grossed US$1,738,027 by its second weekend on the way to a US$2,164,452 finish last year.

Universal's DRACULA UNTOLD has amassed a total of US$1,943,749 to date.  

The highest debut comes from David Fincher's missing wife thriller GONE GIRL, which grossed US$312,386 from 24 screens for a US$395,054 total including sneaks. It's the biggest opening for a R21 rated film this year, besting the US$300,389 opening of THE WOLF OF WALL STREET which started on 15 screens in January and grossed US$1,270,281 by the end of its run.

Monday, October 6, 2014

2nd Biggest Oct Weekend with DRACULA and ANNABELLE taking the leads

6 Oct 2014

Singapore - DRACULA UNTOLD and ANNABELLE push the Hari Raya Haji weekend to become the second highest grossing October weekend ever. DRACULA UNTOLD also becomes the 18th film to debut above US$1m this year, while both debuts score screen averages above US$20K. ANNABELLE is the highest screen average earner of the weekend and the 8th highest for 2014.

Launching on 52 screens (including IMAX), the reimagined origin of the infamous vampire lord from Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures grossed US$1,050,924 for a scorching US$20,210 screen average.