Monday, December 31, 2012

CZ12 closes the year on a high note

31 Dec 2012

SINGAPORE - Jackie Chan's CZ12 (a.k.a. CHINESE ZODIAC) (十二生肖) holds the top spot for the final two weeks of 2012. It has collected US$2,810,093 to date and is the top grossing Hong Kong release this year, a feat which it achieved during the first four days of release. It's the highest grossing Hong Kong film since IP MAN 2 (叶问2: 宗师传奇) finished with US$3,291,610 in 2010.

CZ12 also the year's top Mandarin language film (not counting AH BOYS TO MEN (新兵正传), which is actually a mix of Mandarin, English and other languages). Released on 44 screens, the film's screen average for the 2 weeks stood at US$25,172 and US$20,270. Only one other film - AH BOYS TO MEN, managed to maintain a screen average above US$20K for two consecutive weeks for 2012.

Monday, December 17, 2012


17 Dec 2012

Singapore - THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY takes the no. 1 spot with US$1,729,846 - the 6th biggest opening weekend and 4th widest release of 2012. It arrives on 107 screens in up to 6 different formats - 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D, IMAX 3D HFR, 2D Dolby Atmos and 3D Dolby Atmos.

No other major films open, but THE HOBBIT's screen average of US$16,167 is far from promising. It's the second lowest amongst films that start out with US$1m and above this year. Its box office is likely to be affected the following week with the release of three major films - Jackie Chan's CZ12 (十二生肖),  JACK REACHER starring Tom Cruise and Disney's latest animated hit, WRECK-IT RALPH. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

LIFE OF PI maintains grip at no. 1

10 Dec 2012

SINGAPORE - Even as it's reported that LIFE OF PI's box office tally in China has now overshadowed its US gross, the film maintains a second week at no. 1 in Singapore. The film drops a slim 29.9% and collects a total of US$763,555. Its screen average of US$11,931 is also the highest of the week. Total gross for PI now stands at US$2,200,737.

Monday, December 3, 2012

LIFE OF PI knocks BREAKING DAWN off top spot!

3 Dec 2012

SINGAPORE - LIFE OF PI becomes the 17th film of 2012 to cross US$1m in its debut, grossing S$1,088,510 from 64 screens that includes 3D and IMAX for a mighty US$17,008 screen average.

Monday, November 26, 2012

BREAKING DAWN - PART 2 debuts with US$1.5m!

26 Nov 2012

SINGAPORE - THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2 becomes the 16th film this year to debut above US$1m, with a tally of US$1,533,449. It claims the no. 1 spot on the exact same weekend as PART 1 did last year. With higher ticket prices, more screens (62 vs. 46), and PART 2 being sold as the epic conclusion to a blockbuster franchise, PART 2 starts off 40.86% stronger than PART 1. Its screen average of US$24,733 is also slightly higher than PART 1's US$23,667. PART 1 ended its run with US$2,181,325 and PART 2 looks like it's on track to gross above US$3m, which would also make it the highest grossing film in the franchise.

Monday, November 19, 2012

AH BOYS hold at No. 1 and is now the 10th biggest film of 2012!

19 Nov 2012

SINGAPORE - AH BOYS TO MEN (新兵正传) displays strong staying power as it holds on to No. 1. The film grosses another US$977,287 and scores a screen average of US$25,718 - numbers that any Hollywood blockbuster film would be envious of in their second week of release. AH BOYS has now grossed US$3,112,058 - making it the 10th biggest film of 2012.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Local film AH BOYS TO MEN sets new records!

12 Nov 2012

SINGAPORE -- Looks like Box Office Mojo missed out on figures from AH BOYS TO MEN (新兵正传). So for the purpose of getting a clearer picture, I'll include the figures as published in the Straits Times.

AH BOYS TO MEN grossed US$1,232,895 (S$1,509,422) against SKYFALL, which falls to no. 2 with US$1,174,514. AH BOYS is reported to have been released on 37 screens, which means that it scored a screen average of US$33,321 (S$40,795) - the highest so far this year.

It is also the 15th title to debut with over US$1m in 2012, and is the first local film to do so since 2008 when AH LONG PTE LTD (老师嫁老大) opened with an estimated US$1.04m (S$1.484m). AH BOYS also set a new record for biggest opening for a domestic film.

Monday, November 5, 2012

SKYFALL blasts off with US$2.24m in 4 days!

5 Nov 2012

SINGAPORE - In just 4 days, SKYFALL has already grossed US$2,243,757 - more than what CASINO ROYALE did during its entire run in 2006 (US$2,034,804), and almost what QUANTUM OF SOLACE made during its entire run in 2008 (US$2,477,339).

It's also the 4th biggest debut weekend earner of the year behind THE AVENGERS (US$3,441,766), THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (US$2,650,244) and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (US$2,639,859). It's also the 3rd highest screen average of the year (US$26,711), behind SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (US$28,132) and THE AVENGERS (US$27,756). 84.46% of all tickets sold this past weekend were for SKYFALL.

Monday, October 29, 2012


29 Oct 2012

SINGAPORE - PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 scores as it claims the no.1 spot. TAI CHI HERO (太极 2), the follow-up to TAI CHI ZERO (太极) settles for the runner-up position.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 opens with US$311,914 - the second best ever for the franchise. Only the original film opened bigger (US$315,115), but only marginally and with sneak previews added. The attraction for the Paranormal brand has been holding steady over the years, which is quite notable. The final grosses for the first films were US$583,875, US$576,707 and US$660,429 respectively. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 looks likely to finish with higher, if not similar numbers.

Monday, October 22, 2012

TAKEN 2 spends 3rd week at no. 1

22 Oct 2012

SINGAPORE - The top 3 films remain unchanged with TAKEN spending a 3rd week at no. 1 and LOOPER and SINISTER maintaining their positions at no. 2 and 3 respectively.

TAKEN 2 grossed another US$306,189 to push its total to US$2,845,122 for a still going strong screen average of US$8,275. It is now the 9th highest grossing film of 2012. LOOPER and SINISTER both enter their second week with gentle declines. LOOPER also has the week's 2nd highest screen average with a strong $12,691 from 17 screens. Its total gross now stands at US$625,795. Meanwhile, SINISTER has scared up a total of US$475,285.

Monday, October 15, 2012

New films make strong debuts as TAKEN 2 holds at no. 1

15 Oct 2012

SINGAPORE - TAKEN 2 holds at no.1 for a second week. With US$2,371,450 collected, it is now the highest grossing film for Fox and the 11th highest grosser of 2012 to date. It also easily eclipses the US$669,539 made by its predecessor, which was released by Cathay-Keris Films in 2009.

Monday, October 8, 2012

TAKEN 2 rejuvenates box office with huge opening

8 Oct 2012

SINGAPORE - TAKEN 2 - the action thriller headed by Liam Neeson opens big. How big? Apart from being the 13th film to debut above US$1m this year (US$1,309,675), it also scores the 2nd highest screen average of the year (US$27,865) behind only SNOW WHTE AND THE HUNTSMAN (US$28,132) and ahead of blockbusters like THE AVENGERS (US$27,756), THE EXPENDABLES 2 (US$25,847) and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (US$24,093). It also rejuvenates the overall box office, pushing it pass US$2m (the film's gross represents 65.30% of all tickets sold). And this feat was achieved with 47 prints in release (less than half of mega blockbuster releases like THE AVENGERS).

Monday, October 1, 2012

PREMIUM RUSH leads 2nd weakest box office weekend of the year

1 Oct 2012

SINGAPORE - PREMIUM RUSH leads the box office into the second lowest weekend of the year. It kicks off with US$309,179 on 31 screens for a decent screen average of US$9,974. Opening in second place is THE ASSASSINS (铜雀台) with US$221,553 from 25 screens. This is the third biggest debut for a Mandarin film this year behind WE NOT NAUGHTY (孩子不坏) (US$261,105) and PAINTED SKIN: THE RESURRECTION (画皮 II) (US$227,595).

Monday, September 24, 2012

RETRIBUTION holds on to No.1 while TO ROME WITH LOVE scores highest screen average

24 Sep 2012

SINGAPORE - Most of the new films make respectable debuts but fail to dislodge RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION from the throne.

For the fifth straight week, the total box office gross is down compared to a year ago. The F1 Singapore weekend is also the fourth lowest weekend gross of 2012 to date.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

RETRIBUTION tops box office!

17 Sep 2012

SINGAPORE - RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION is the 12th film to cross US$1m in its opening weekend. Its gross of US$1,199,246 is a marginal improvement over the last instalment, RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE which grossed US$1,034,050 exactly two years ago to a final tally of US$1,956,457. Its screen average of US$16,891 from 71 screens is a marginal dip from AFTERLIFE's US$17,526 screen average from 59 screens. Factoring in the higher ticket prices this year (plus the availability of 2 IMAX prints), the Resident Evil franchise is actually witnessing a marginal dip in interest, but not by too much.

Monday, September 10, 2012

TED scores big and claims top spot!

10 Sep 2012

SINGAPORE - Adult comedy TED debuts on top with US$707,468 and a muscular screen average of US$20,808. It's the biggest debut for a M18 movie so far this year, the 3rd to debut at no. 1 and the 12th film to score a screen average above US$20K this year. The version screening in Singapore is an edited version. All other debuts fared meekly or terribly.

Monday, September 3, 2012

STEP UP leads a pack of lacklustre debuts

3 Sep 2012

SINGAPORE - STEP UP: REVOLUTION takes the top spot with US$717K in what is once again a week of modest and disappointing debuts. PARANORMAN (US$149K) and DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS (US$136K) start at no. 3 and 5 respectively while THE CAMPAIGN trails behind at no. 6 with a weak US$99K.

Monday, August 27, 2012

THE EXPENDABLES 2 continues its reign!

27 Aug 2012

SINGAPORE - THE EXPENDABLES 2 maintains its pole position with another US$560K as it grossed more than all the other eight new films (listed by Box Office Mojo) combined. It has collected US$1.98m to date and is now the 15th highest grosser of the year.

Monday, August 20, 2012

THE EXPENDABLES 2 debuts on top!

20 Aug 2012

SINGAPORE - THE EXPENDABLES 2 blows away the competition as it scores the highest screen average for a NC16 film in 2012 and the third highest overall. Its debut screen average of US$25,847 is behind only SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (US$28,132) and THE AVENGERS (US$27,756) while staying ahead of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (US$24,093), MADAGASCAR 3 (US$21,548) and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (US$20,624). Its result is even more impressive considering the release on 38 prints grossed a total of US$982,183, and is now on track to overtake its predecessor which grossed US$1.37m in 2010.

Monday, August 13, 2012


13 Aug 2012

SINGAPORE - THE BOURNE LEGACY and BRAVE rule the National Day box office weekend with a total of US$2.93m - the 4th highest this year.

THE BOURNE LEGACY (US$1.04m) is also the 11th film to cross US$1m in its debut weekend, while BRAVE (US$832K) has the 3rd highest debut for an animated film behind MADAGASCAR 3 (US$1.48m) and ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT (US$1.01m).

Also opening are MAGIC MIKE (US$175K from 22 screens) and Todd Solondz's 2009 comedy drama LIFE DURING WARTIME (not ranked by Box Office Mojo).

Meanwhile, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN gross another US$350K and US$9K for a total of US$6.65m and US$6.91m respectively.

Monday, August 6, 2012

TOTAL RECALL is no. 1!

6 Aug 2012

SINGAPORE - The 2012 remake of TOTAL RECALL has toppled the Dark Knight. Total box office sales is just slightly above US$2m - the weakest for the first weekend of August since 2007. 

Other debuts include SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD at no. 5, MOONRISE KINGDOM at no. 9 and THE TASTE OF MONEY at no. 10. The Japanese comedy, SPEC: HEAVEN is not ranked by Box Office Mojo. 

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has now grossed US$6.08m, behind THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (US$6.9m) and THE AVENGERS (US$10.82m) to be the third highest grosser of the year.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Dark Knight remains at #1!

30 July, 2012

SINGAPORE - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES holds at #1 for a second week and is now the third highest grossing film of the year (US$4.94m) behind THE AVENGERS (US$10.82m) and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (US$6.84m).

Seven new films debut - the highest is THE FOUR (四大名捕) at no. 3 (US$207K), but the most impressive showing comes from the thriller/single print release HEADHUNTERS which holds the highest screen average amongst the debuts (US$9,696) and second overall behind THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI also fared well with a gross of US$14,250 and a screen average of US$7,125 (2 screens).

Other debuts include THE THREE STOOGES (US$155K), RED LIGHTS (US$46K) and HYSTERIA (US$14K). The Thai horror romance I MISS YOU was omitted from Box Office Mojo's rankings, but probably grossed between US$46,685 and US$70,271 based on its ranking by CFEA published in The Straits Times Life!

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dark Knight debuts on top!

23 July 2012

SINGAPORE - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES leads the box office to cross US$3m for the 3rd time this year. It's also the 3rd film to debut with over US$2m.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (US$2.65m/110 screens) ranks behind THE AVENGERS (US$3.44m/124 screens) and is marginally ahead of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (US$2.63m/128 screens) for biggest debut of the year to date. It achieved this feat with no 3D surcharges and slightly less screens.

ONE NIGHT STAND from South Korea was the only other debut this week. It was not listed by Box Office Mojo, but probably grossed less than US$4,358 from a single print. It failed to chart in the Top 10 compiled by the CFEA published in The Straits Times Life!

Monday, July 16, 2012

ICE AGE 4 leads box office!

July 16 2012

SINGAPORE - ICE AGE 4: CONTINENTAL DRIFT leads the box office and is the 9th film this year to gross over US$1m in its debut weekend (US$1.01m/70 screens). 

The previous installment ICE AGE 3 started with US$962K from 61 screens in 2009 for a final tally of US$2.73m. The screen average differs only marginally with ICE AGE 3 collecting US$15,785 against US$14,504 for the latest inst

In comparison, that other toon sequel MADAGASCAR 3: EUROPE'S MOST WANTED opened with a US$1.48m weekend from 69 screens earlier last month and has grossed US$4.76m to date.

Other films to debut this week include THE CHERNOBYL DIARIES (US$74,296/11 screens), MOTORWAY (車手) (US$45,125/6 screens) and BERNIE (US$35,125/7 screens).

Monday, July 9, 2012

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN now #2 of 2012!

July 9 2012 

SINGAPORE - THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is now the #2 film of the year after just 2 weeks. With US$5.24m and counting from 128 screens, it's also only the 9th film to cross US$5m and has overtaken SPIDER-MAN 3 (US$5.14m) to become the top film of this lucrative franchise. 

Opening to moderate success are ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE KILLER (US$490K from 46 screens), PAINTED SKIN: THE RESURRECTION (画皮Ⅱ) (US$227K from 23 screens) and the single print release STRICKEN (US$4,674).

Monday, July 2, 2012

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN gross more than US$2m in opening weekend!

2 July 2012

SINGAPORE - THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN opens at #1 and is the 2nd film this year to gross above US$2m in its opening weekend. With US$2.63m from 128 screens, it's the year's second biggest opening film, behind THE AVENGERS which grossed US$3.44m from 126 screens during its opening weekend 8 weeks ago.

In terms of screen average performance, ASM comes in 8th for the year with US$20,624, behind THE HUNGER GAMES (US$24,543), BATTLESHIP (US$24,207), WRATH OF THE TITANS (US$21,395), MADAGASCAR 3 (US$21,548) and MIB3 (US$21,011). SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (US$28,132) and THE AVENGERS (US$27,756) are the top screen average performers of 2012 to date.

Only one other film opened against ASM - Tyler Perry's GOOD DEEDS grossed US$4,578 from a single screen.

Monday, June 25, 2012

3rd week on top for MADAGASCAR 3!

25 June 2012

MADAGASCAR 3: EUROPE'S MOST WANTED spends a 3rd week at #1 and becomes the 2nd highest grossing film of 2012 to date in Singapore.

MIB 3 is now the 3rd highest grosser of the year. So far, four films have crossed the US$4m mark in 2012, in
cluding BATTLESHIP and THE AVENGERS, which is in an exclusive club of its own (US$10.6m and counting).

Meanwhile SADAKO 3D arrives almost dead on arrival as it only manages a weak US$193K gross from 40 screens. Faring not much better is SNOWFALL IN TAIPEI (台北飄雪) which manages US$5,988 from 2 screens while THE MOTH DIARIES collected a measly US$18,144 from 11 screens.

Monday, June 11, 2012

MADAGASCAR 3 and PROMETHEUS top box office!

11 June 2012

SINGAPORE - MADAGASCAR 3: EUROPE'S MOST WANTED and PROMETHEUS lead the Singapore box office to cross US$3m for the 2nd time this year. Together, both films account for an estimated US$2.38m, or 75.1% of all tickets sold over the weekend.

MADAGASCAR 3 also becomes the 7th film to gross over US$1m in a single weekend with an estimated US$1.49m. 

FIRST TIME (第一次) opens on 4 screens with US$7,102 for a weak screen average of US$1,420.

Meanwhile, MEN IN BLACK 3 races past THE HUNGER GAMES in its 3rd weekend to become the 3rd highest grosser of 2012 with US$3.9m to date behind BATTLESHIP (US$4.19m) and THE AVENGERS (US$10.53m).

Local flick GHOST ON AIR (靈聼) ends its run after 4 weeks with a total gross of US$255,994.

Monday, June 4, 2012

SNOW WHITE reigns!

4 June 2012

SINGAPORE - SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN not only knocks MEN IN BLACK 3 off the top spot, it does so with half the number of screens, no 3D surcharges and also scores the highest screen average of 2012 to date (US$28,132), bypassing THE AVENGERS (US$27,765). SNOW WHITE has now grossed US$1.26m, and is the 6th film of the year to gross more than US$1m over a single weekend following THE HUNGER GAMES, WRATH OF THE TITANS, BATTLESHIP, THE AVENGERS and MIB3 (and the only one to achieve this feat with a screen count of less than 50).

The 3D concert film I AM grosses a healthy US$90,655 from 5 screens while DING TAO: LEADER OF THE PARADE (陣頭) from Taiwan debut to a disappointing US$50,922 from 16 screens. Other debuts include BAD GIRLS (女孩坏坏) (US$19,129) and LIFE HAPPENS (US17,136).

Just for the record, the French film SECOND CHANCE by Nicolas Cuche (distributed by Festive Films and screening exclusively at FilmGarde Bugis) is not ranked by Box Office Mojo.